Facebook Lite apk latest version facebook lite

 This version of Facebook is used because it is light and saves data consumption, as this version was issued by the Facebook company to fit Facebook Lite apk with weak devices with an old Android version because there are many Facebook users around the world who cannot download the official application because its size Large and consumes a lot of data, so the Facebook Lite apk application was launched.

Application features:

The app is quick to install - the app is small in size, so it doesn't take up space on the phone.

The application works on all versions of Android phones, old versions.

The application uses less data to communicate - it also ensures more effective use of mobile data, which saves data and saves money.

The application is fast loading.

The application works on all networks from 2g to 5g networks

l Application requirements:

Android 2.2 version or higher

Latest application update:

March 18, 2020

Free 1.4MB

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